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By Jill Halcomb Smith. The second volume continues the study of women in our nation¹s defense, plus their uniforms and insignia, all in magnificent color. Numerous organizations covered include: Office of Civilian Defense, Relief Wings, Inc., the Salvation Army, United Service Organizations (USO), the ³Hello Girls,² United States Coast Guard Women¹s Reserve (SPARS), United States Food Administration, United States Public Heath Service Reserve Corps, United War Work Campaign, Volunteer Army Canteen Service, Women Veteran¹s Organizations, Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES), or US Navy Women¹s Reserve, Women¹s Auxiliary Ferrying Service (WAFS) and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) (73 pages), WAF, WOWs, Women War Correspondents, Women War Workers, Women¹s Ambulance and Defense Corps, WAAC/WAC (108 pages), Women¹s Land Army, Yeomen (F): United States Naval Reserve (F), YMCA, YWCA, etc. over 1,300 photos/illustrations (most in color) / deluxe binding. Order now to get 1/500 numbered and signed copies. 544 pp.

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