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By Jason D. Mark. Too often the visual aspect of the Stalingrad battle is portrayed using the same well-known images, and while most are no doubt stunning, their repeated use - with incorrect or misleading captions - adds nothing new to the record. Angriff:The German Attack on Stalingrad in Photos aims to rectify that. A rich cache of spectacular images is spread throughout collections across the globe. The photos used in this book have been gathered from a multitude of sources: military archives, photo libraries, museums, but most of all from private collections. The content of photos from these collections often portray the battle from the perspective of an individual soldier. Some of these photos certainly depict the stark reality of war but not every soldier saw action on the front-line. When all these private photos are combined, however, they form a montage and provide an insight into the lives of 6. Armee's soldiers. Furthermore, they often show periods of the battle that never fell within the viewfinder of a professional photographer. Every photo - including each famous image - has been painstakingly researched so that it is paired with a meaningful and accurate caption. In most cases, the location of the photo has been pinpointed, as has the date and unit depicted. This has enabled it to be placed in its correct historical, chronological and geographical context. While this process has cast a light on previously vague aspects of the battle, it has also debunked captions to many familiar images. If you want to see what Stalingrad was like from the German perspective, this book is for you. 700 photos. Trade edition. 368 pp.

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