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by Robert Michulec, 520 pages, 800 B+W photos, 36 color interior photos, 20 pages of color profiles and 3D drawings, 58 pages of 1:35 scale drawings

This massive tome on the Russian T-34 tank provides a thorough study on everything from its development and background history, to also including the operational wartime service as well.
 Over 800 B+W photos! 74 pages provide photo details of unique differences in the various production models. A compiled list of T-34 serial numbers for wartime tanks and post-war examples as well. There are 58 pages of 1/35 scale plans detailing the various production versions. There are also five pages of 3D color computer cutaway models of the T-34/85 illustrating some of its distinguishing features, as well as a page of color profiles illustrating the differences in the 23 different road wheel designs, six idler wheel designs, and nine drive sprocket designs used on the T-34.
The final section of the book offers eleven pages of color photos taken inside the hull and turret of a real T-34 tank. Have no doubts, this book is the "must have" reference on the subject.


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