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Book Type: S,O

by Frank De Sisto

- 72 Pages
- 16 color plates
- 183 photos

Panzer Vor! 6 continues author Frank De Sisto’s series of extremely popular books on German armored vehicles. Containing many inspirational new photographs, the writer proffers a comprehensive collection of black and white photographs that cover the 1939-45 wartime period.

A successful tank design involves an optimal balance of mobility, protection and firepower, and this volume summarizes how German tank firepower and protection levels evolved over the course of WWII. In response to better enemy vehicles, initially lightweight designs grew into a formidable array of heavy tanks, as well as solutions such as additional armor plates and Schürzen side skirts. Panzer Vor! 6 focuses specifically on this “gun versus armor” equation, and this is reflected in the text and captions. A fascinating vista of photos shows vehicles in action and the range of vehicles is extraordinary – it includes the Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, StuG III, Panzer IV, Panther and Tiger I. There are also artillery pieces (e.g. Hummel, Wespe) and a number of halftracks featured within the covers. This far from complete list indicates the wide range of vehicle types featured. Perhaps most useful of all to readers will be the highly detailed captions that accompany each picture. They highlight features of production variants and units.

In the center of the book are 16 color plates by the accomplished illustrator Laurent Lecocq, and these offer sample camouflage schemes and markings. As a worthy continuation of the five previous volumes in the Panzer Vor! series, this well-researched book is bound to enthuse modelers and military buffs alike.


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