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by Bobber Moller, 134 pages.

This is a bumper 134 pages (nearly 500 photos) giving the reader a thorough exploration of the exterior of Denmark's main battle tank. Written by Danish modeller and Leopard fan, Bobber Moller, and featuring in-theatre photos from Afghanistan taken by Carl Schulze, this is the most thorough look at this important tank in print.

With the end of the Cold War and a change in Danish foreign policy to participate more in international coalitions, the Danish Defence went through a major reconstruction in the 1990s which led to major cut-backs in the Cold War structure of Danish military.
 In 1993, it was decided to form a new deployment 4,500 man brigade called the Danish International Brigade. The German Leopard 2 was chosen to be the main tank of the new brigade.

The Leopard 2 was chosen over the US-made M1A1, and it was immediately decided that the Leopards would be 2A5DK standard. The Danish modification requirements included both new and existing standard 2A5 upgrades.


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