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Book Type: S,O

by Tom Gannon, 212 pages.

This is the second of two volumes by Tom Gannon, subtitled 'History of the IDF Artillery Corps' which focuses on the Sherman-based artillery vehicles operated by the IDF since its formation in the late 1940s through to the 1990s. A seriously weighty book, this volume continues to look at how the IDF made full use of the ubiquitous Sherman chassis as a self-propelled gun. The book wastes no time getting stuck into the subject matter which starts with the MACHMAT 160mm heavy mortar and continues with the L33 Ro'em, the MAR240 and MAR290 Episcopi, the Kilshon (aka Chachlilit), the MAPIK plus chapters on the Medical Evacuation Tank, Driver Training and the Israeli M10. Each chapter looks at the weapon in great detail with close up shots of exterior and interior in service, at work either on exercise or in action and for the weathering boys, lots of images of decaying machines in open storage. Period images are in black and white while shots taken of preserved machines and those in storage are generally in colour and boy, are there plenty of them. With two to three photographs per page, all supported by an informative caption, this really is high end 'eye candy' for IDF fans.


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