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Tankograd 8003 CV 90 Swedish Infantry Combat Vehicle CV 90 - History, Variants, Technology

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The CV 90 vehicle family combines armour, armament and mobility into a highly modern armoured infantry fighting vehicle concept. Since the mid-1990s the Stridsfordon 9040 (CV 9040) AIFV serves in several variants in the Swedish Army. The CV 9040 also serves as the base for several specialised vehicles, including an artillery observation post, a command vehicle, an armoured recovery vehicle and a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. Aside from a comprehensive development history this publication shows the variants of the AIFV and the specialised vehicles in great visual detail. This includes a detailed walkaround and photos taken during exercises and on missions abroad. Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated throughout with 129 color photographs Text - Language: English text Number of Pages: 64
Tankograd 8003 CV 90 Swedish Infantry Combat Vehicle CV 90 - History Variants Technology

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