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Tankograd 9016 Modern British Army Tank Transporters

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With the introduction of the Centurion MBT in 1945 the British Army tank transporters of World War Two, the Scammell Pioneer and the Diamond-T M19, were outclassed. From 1951 they were replaced by the Thornycroft FV12000 Antar. More than three decades later, in 1984, the Antar was replaced by the Scammell Commander that was capable of transporting the Challenger 1 MBT. The most recent British Army tank transporter generation is since 2003 the Oshkosh HET Heavy Equipment Transporter. This publication covers these three tank transporter types, tells the story of their development and shows their technology and active army use in many hitherto unpublished photographs. Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated with 18 b&w photographs and 122 color photographs Text � Language: English text Number of Pages: 64
Tankograd 9016 Modern British Army Tank Transporters

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