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By Mark Axworthy. This book is surely the definitive study on the history of the puppet Slovak state which was created, supported, and sustained by the Third Reich. Axworthy has carefully compiled the military history of the Slovak State complex complete with the political, economic, social, and personal reasons why things occurred as they did. Through hundreds of period photographs, tables, charts, line drawings and color uniform plates, this military study is woven into a seamless and perfect tapestry, accurately depicting a little known aspect of WWII. Slovakia's armed forces took part in the invasion of Poland, and briefly fought the Hungarians before participating in their largest and most dangerous endeavor - the invasion of the Soviet Union. The Slovak contribution in Russia included several divisions and lasted from 1941- 1943. In 1944 a part of the Slovak Army rebelled against the Germans and their uprising lasted from the end of August until late October 1944. In effect, this work covers the military and political history of the Slovak state quite thoroughly. Oversize book with deluxe cloth binding, very nicely produced. Axworthy also wrote the definitive study on the Romanian armed forces in WWII.  344 pp.


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