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by R. Tourret, very obsure title from a very obscure small publisher in England, this revised edition was published in 1995 and I obtained some copies, a great book printed on glossy paper with a generous selection of photographs, this is the Tom Jentz type book for locomotives but with fewer line drawings.  Oversize jacketed hardcover

During the Second World War, many interesting types of locomotives, both steam and diesel, were built for the British War Department and the United States Army Transportation Corps. These were sent all over the world and many of them remained in service long after the war, sometimes with their exact origin forgotten.
In this book, after some 50 years of research into matters generally held secret at the time, the overall story is presented. It starts in the first Section with general descriptions of the campaigns in the different theatres of war from a railway viewpoint, and then follows in the second and third Sections with Chapters giving the class histories of the various British and American types of locomotives, both Sections starting with a numerical list of the locomotives which give the key to the WD and USA/TC numbering structure. Finally, there are some Chapters dealing with odd topics such as various important military railways.

Contains 372 photographs, 43 drawings and 27 maps as well as many stock lists.

Note that this book includes the content of the out-of-print books United States Army Transportation Corps Locomotives


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