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Book Type: C,O two volumes in slipcase

by Ortner, M. Christian/Ludwigstorff, Georg

English text, more than 1200 bw- and colour illustrations, large format, TWO volumes in a slipcase. Around 500 pages.

While the 1st part dealt exclusively with the imperial orders and decorations, the 2nd part included the other wearable state decorations, and the concluding 3rd part deals with the non-governmental awards of Austria(-Hungary). Many of these decorations, such as those for services to the Red Cross or the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta of the Grand Priory of Bohemia and Austria or the Teutonic Order with the Marian Cross, are still well known today. The same probably applies to the insignia of the Tyrolean nobility. On the other hand, the insignia and decorations of the Austrian ladies’ monasteries, the Ganerb and Imperial Knighthoods, the Order of St. Hubertus of the Counts of Sporck and the Salzburg Order of St. Ruperti are hardly known. In 30 chapters, including those on the Austrian Horse Breeding Medals, the decorations of the Hungarian National Fire Brigade Association, the Salvator and Manoeuvre Medals, both the latest research results and corresponding illustrations have been summarised.


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