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Tankograd 1003 Beute-Tanks British Tanks In German Service WWI Volume 1

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By Rainer Strasheim, S,O, Tankograd WWI series #1003 The birth of the German Panzerwaffe in World War One is for many enthusiasts mostly linked to Germany's own development, the A7V. However, it is hard fact that most of the tanks serving on the German side in the Great War were of British origin. Captured British Mk.IV Beute-Tanks shaped the core of German ambitions towards an own armoured corps. This two-volume publication grants for the first time a truly comprehensive look into the capture and deployment of these vehicles by offering chapters on: Vol. 1 - A New Weapon of War - Brief History - To the Green Fields Beyond - Cambrai 1917 - Lumber and Canvas - German Dummy Tanks - Battlefield Booty - German Tank Recovery - Towards Captured Tank Detachments - Bayerischer Armee-Kraftwagen-Park 20 - Beute - The Mk. IV Tank in German Service - Forming Beute-Abteilungen 11 to 16 - Numbers, Names, Camouflage and Markings - The French Connection The Mark IV in Detail and Colour On 192 pages in two volumes this publication is illustrated with 316 black&white photographs and 30 colour photographs. Complete English Text $33.00* per volume

Tankograd 1003 Beute-Tanks British Tanks In German Service WWI Volume 1

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