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FIAT G. 50

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by Malizia Nicola

The volume has a preface and four chapters. The
first and the second chapters are historical, dealing
with the creation of this fighter described
by many as an “iron with wings” and with the
engagements during the WWII, in the 20Åã
Gruppo in Belgium, in Greece and Albania, in
north Africa and many more. The third chapter
is dedicated to its technical description, with tables
on the prototypes and the serial characteristics.
The fourth and last chapter are interesting
also for modellers, given that describe the Fiat
G.50 models, its kits, accessories and decals.
The text is bilingual (Italian/English) and enriched
with colour and b&w photographs, colour
profiles and tables. To be appreciated especially
for the reality of the facts described by the author,
who recorded the failures and defeats suffered
by the Italian airmen flying with this

Pages: 175
Photos/Illustrations: 11 colour; 139 b&w(including
three-views and profiles)

FIAT G. 50

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