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72 pages, 70 photos - thereof 26 in colourFarbe, 5 colourprofiles, 5 coloured emblemes, 1 coloured document, 9 coloured maps]

Heer im Focus is a series of publications compiled by a team of renowned experts on the German Army. The aim of this series is to focus on those battles, vehicles, equipment and soldiers neglected by the literature until now. As with the Luftwaffe im Focus and U-Boot im Focus series, thorough research will take precedence over speed of publication. You will read accounts from us that are described in a completely different way elsewhere. Trust our articles, we get to the bottom of the issues. This is exactly what we are about, researching the history of the German Army in a way that you will not find elsewhere. It should also be noted that we will cover all the forces that saw action on land. This includes Luftwaffe units such as paratroopers, Luftwaffe field divisions and anti-aircraft units. For the illustrations, we will make use of unique original Agfa Colour slides from private collections as well as photographs which have never been shown before and which illustrate the events in a completely different light. But this publication is not intended just for historians and army enthusiasts. Modelers will get their money's worth too, as the series will be excellent reference source for the construction of accurate models (profile drawings and B/W + colour photos). Diorama makers will also find it a useful reference. The new series thus differs from other publications that also deal with this subject.

The editions will vary in size depending on the articles they contain. This means that there will be no uniform price. Price will be based on the size of each issue. However, no issue will exceed the price of 28.80 euros. Heer im Focus will be published at irregular intervals. In each edition you will find about 60 to 80 unpublished photographs from private collections with detailed captions in German and English as well as articles on special Army topics.

Photos with a Story: The 18. Panzer-Division in the Eastern Campaign – Part 1 22 June 1941 – The Attack across the River Bug

Were Submersible Tanks Actually Used?

Camouflage Schemes: Striped Camouflage; Often Used but Still Rare

Scenery: A Picture that Gets Under One’s Skin Patrol from the 61. Infanterie-Division under Fire - A unique photograph from the Tikhvin Front

Sign Jungles: The “T-34 Sign Jungle” in the Centre of Minsk

Camouflage: Helmet Camouflage – Mobile Cabbages

Emblems: The Emblem of the Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505 in Detail - A Colour Drawing on an Original Document Reveals Every Detail

Vehicles of the Wehrmacht: A Wanderer Convertible with Civilian Number Plate

Motorcycles: They Were Indispensable!

Fates: An Example of Identifying a Location and a Graveyard Based on a Photograph Wearer of the Knight’s Cross: Oberst Michael Bauer - The Knight’s Cross Holder from Herzogenaurach

Signs: The “Frontline Shower Bath”

Unusual: The “Lili Marleen Barracks” in a Russian Village Slapstick by the Train of the 18. Panzer-Division


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