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50 pages, 56 photos - thereof 3 in colour, 6 colour graphics, 4 coloured emblems, 4 coloured documents, 3 coloured maps

Aircraft in Focus: An Me 410 of ZG 26 with Wave Mirror Camouflage

Unknown Emblems: It Really Did Exist – Luftgaukommando Moskau

Scenery: First Photos of the Ju 252 of “Kommando Götz” (1944)

Background: The Operational Flying Clasp and Staffel Markings of III./KG 1 – 1940-1942

Unusual: The Ju 52 for Night Operations!

Photos with a Story: The First Fallen of “Kommando Nowotny”

Last Photos of Major Walter Nowotny

Color Photos: Wave Mirror Camouflage on a He 111 of KG 27

Scenery: Spa Time” Before a Mission over England (KGr. 606)

Personal Emblems: Only the “Finest” For the Enemy! (KG 26)

Tails: The Tail of Priller’s Bf 109, For Once in Its True Colours (JG 26)

Reconnaissance Aircraft: What Is That? Unidentified Equipment under the Wing of a Bf 110

As well as additional informations about the articels: “II./StG. 2 in Action at Stalingrad in

Late Summer 1942” (LIF 27) and “Kurierstaffel (trop) Afrika – The Unit with many Names”

(LIF 30) and photos of Bf 109 and Fw 58.


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