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Tankograd 1014 Artillerie-Zugmaschinen German Wheeled Artillery Tractors

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by Jochen Vollert

Shortly before World War One, the German Army High Command began a massive project to test the suitability of agricultural tractors and ploughs possessing internal combustion engines for a potential role as future Artillerie-Zugmaschinen artillery tractors. The aim was to make even heavy artillery more mobile. Numerous German manufacturers responded to the call, and they supplied products for these trials. Based on evaluation findings, key data relating to a militarily usable artillery tractor began to be defined, which led to new and improved designs from 1916 onwards.

This publication is the first monograph on the subject, and it presents in detail the history of these impressive motor vehicles with benzol engines in numerous fantastic photos. The vehicle types covered include the manufacturers Büssing, Dürkopp, Lanz, Podeus, Pöhl, Daimler, Benz, Standard-Motorpflug (Arator), Fürstlich Stolberg'sches Hüttenamt (Ilsenburg), Kaelble, Horch, Sendling, Hanomag, Stock and Ehrhardt. An additional chapter covers the artillery load distribution trailer, the Lastenverteilergerät System Bräuer.

In 96 pages this publication is lavishly illustrated with 215 photographs plus 10 graphics, the vast majority of which have never been published before. English Text only.

Limited Edition 999 copies.

Tankograd 1014 Artillerie-Zugmaschinen German Wheeled Artillery Tractors

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