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Tankograd 2009 The T-62 Main Battle Tank in Soviet Army Service

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In the West mainly known by its use in the Middle East Wars, the Soviet T-62 main battle tank's development background remained enigmatic at best. Access to hitherto secret factory reports allow now to tell the true story of a major Soviet tank design that has falsely been designated as a stop-gap solution, but really is the vital link from the T-55 to the T-72. This publication will reveal the true story of the T-62, that was primarly intended to act as a state-of-the-art long-range tank destroyer rather than a main battle tank, and whose development history includes rivalling design teams and tanks (T-64), competing tank factories as well as political intrigue. This work will also for the first time correctly identify all Soviet versions of the T-62, from the prototypes to the most recent upgrades offered for export. Quantity Photos and Illustrations: ilustrated with 37 b&w photos, 138 color photos, 17 graphics and one 1/35 scale drawing Text € Language: English text Number of Pages: 64

Tankograd 2009 The T-62 Main Battle Tank in Soviet Army Service

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