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Book Type: S,O

by Walter Bohm

The Stryker Interim Armored Vehicle (IAV) family was introduced to fill a US Army capability gap for a rapidly deployable armoured combat vehicle that required minimal logistical support and featured state-of-the-art technology. For this purpose, a new type of troop formation was created that did not exist before, namely the so-called “Medium Force”. This was to close the capability gap between light infantry units and heavy tank brigades.

For the first time this publication grants an overview over all Stryker variants, from its ICV basic model up to the most recent additions to the family.

M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV)

M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Javelin (ICV-J)

M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Scout (ICV-S)

M1126 Stryker Electronic Warfare (TEWS)

M1126 Stryker Electronic Warfare (WIN-T)

M1126 Stryker High-Energy Laser (MEHEL)

M1127 Stryker Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV)

M1127 Stryker Opposing Force Surrogate Vehicle (OSWV)

M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS)

M1129B Stryker Mortar Carrier B (MC-B)

M1130 Stryker Command Vehicle (CV)

M1131 Stryker Fire Support Vehicle (FSV)

M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV)

M1132 Stryker Command Vehicle (CV)

M1133 Stryker Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV)

M1134 Stryker Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)

M1135 Stryker NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV)

M1296 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (ICV-D)

Stryker A1 Short-Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD)

Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated with 105 colour photographs

Text - Language: English Text

Number of Pages 64


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