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Tankograd 5007 Vehicles of the Modern German Army Medical Service

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Not much has hitherto been published about the Medical Service of the Modern German Army. It has been mentioned in books only as low-profile sidebar close to the more interesting subjects. Right here is the place to take the opportunity to present the interested reader with the contrary in form of a pictural volume. We would like to show the vast variety of vehicles within the Medical Service of the German Army to demonstrade the truly justified existence of this service in the shadow of others within the last 50 years. Espacially with the multitude of out-of-area operations of the German Army as part of SFOR, KFOR or ISAF, the reputation and equipment of the medical soldier has significantly improved. They are the importand guarantee of the physical and psychological wellbeing of the soldiers in the front line. Quantity Photos and Illustrations: 152 color / 8 black&white / 5 graphics Text - Language: Complete English Number of pages: 64 + 4

Tankograd 5007 Vehicles of the Modern German Army Medical Service

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