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Book Type: C,O

By Peter Mooney, C,O, 310 pages, 364 photos, 117 document scans,

This book illustrates the history of the first of the SS officer's schools, told through the surviving photographs and documents of those that attended. Having been given access to extensive personal collections, we have compiled a chronological history of the evolution of the school.

From the very first course in 1934, until the final course in 1945, the book is built around the various commanders that helped to develop Bad Tölz and train the officers that successfully completed the courses and went onto forge careers within the Third Reich infrastructure.

The surviving personal items, provide a superb visual insight into the officer candidate lives as they went through their training. The former candidate's featured came from the early hotel based courses, the first of the new school complex courses, immediate prewar, wartime and also one of the disabled candidates who took part in the groundbreaking specialised courses created there.

This resultant book will enhance your understanding of SS Bad Tölz and compliment the existing works, which focus on that school complex itself. We are confident that you will enjoy this new book, one that continues in the same vein as the preceding works from Loyalty and Honour Publishing; that is, charting the history of the history makers.


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