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Book Type: C,O

by Peter Mooney, C, 308 gloss pages, 20+ documents, 110+ full colour illustrations, 120+ photos, Bi-lingual, English and German

VII. Battalion LSSAH 1942' documents the history of the Leibstandarte's Guard Battalion during 1942.

This subject has never been covered in any detail before now, but comes with the added benefits of seeing life within the Guard Battalion through the eyes of some of those that served within it.

It is divided into three main sections, with the first section tracing the evolution of this Battalion from the IV. (Guard) Battalion, through to the V. (Guard) Battalion and onto the VII. Battalion, all tracked using the official authorisation documents.

The second section is a full colour illustrated diary compiled by Kurt Pfötsch, who served in the VII. Battalion during 1942. It provides a superb insight into the life of those men and contains realistic graphic images, as well as an injection of 'soldier's humour'; this section is a unique feast for the eyes!

The final section covers the contents of the original photo album and some documents belonging to Hans Dasberg, who also served in the VII. Battalion in 1942. In this section, you can view images of Lichterfelde, the Reich's Chancellery, the funeral of Reinhard Heydrich and a small quantity of front-line photos.

This unique book welds these three main sections together through the use of 23 documents, 113 colour illustrations and 123 photographs. The finished book is presented in A4 Hard back format, with full colour pages and comes in at a hefty 1.8kg! The book is bi-lingual, English and German languages

Loyalty and Honour Publishing are pleased to be able to present such a unique, combined literary offering and are confident of the pleasure it will provide to those that want to learn more about the various aspects of that historical era.


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