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by Yefim Gordon, 144 pages

The Yakovlev Yak-38 Forger was the Soviet Navy's first and only VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) multi-role combat aircraft. Outwardly similar in design to the British-built Harrier, the first prototype of the aircraft was completed on April 14, 1970, and it made its maiden flight January 15, 1971. Before production ceased, 231 aircraft were built, including 38 two-seat trainers. The aircraft suffered from severe payload restrictions, particularly when operating in hot environments, such as the Indian Ocean. Following the break up of the Soviet Union, the Yak-38 saw service with the Russian Federation and Ukraine air forces, although all have been withdrawn from service. Apart from their role as ship-borne aircraft, a number were also deployed to Afghanistan following the Soviet invasion in 1979.
 The Yak-41 Freestyle was a development of the earlier program. Production ended in the late 1980s and the first flight occurred on March 9, 1987. The project was cancelled in 1991 as a result of restrictions on the Russian defense budget. More recently, Yakovlev was involved with Lockheed Martin in the development of the Joint Strike Fighter the future F-35 which will see service not only with U.S. forces but with the British and other European air forces.
 This book includes a comprehensive account of the development and operational record of the aircraft along with color and black and white photos throughout.


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