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Tankograd 1006 Grabenkrieg German Trench Warfare Volume Two

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by Olivier Richter,

The stalemate in the trenches is for many the very definition of warfare in World War One. Only months after the hostilities had started the opposing armies began to dig in along the Western Front. Thus began a type of warfare completely unexpected by those in command.

The war in the trenches demanded the development of new skills for the infantry and artillery and the development of new weapons capable of blocking the enemy‘s advance over no mans land. Medieval tactics and equipment such as mining warfare and body armour would soon meet with most modern formations and tactics such as the assault forces and combined forces operations. Consequently, more than anything else World War One is the benchmark of modern warfare.

This publication will for the very first time give a highly pictorial overview on the German trench warfare on all frontlines 1914-18, with its weapons and technology explained and illustrated in unprecedented detail and with many photographs hitherto unpublished.

Chapters Volume 2:
German Trench Warfare - Introduction
08. Close Combat Weapons
09. Pistols and Revolvers
10. Rifles
11. Snipers and Sniper Rifles
12. Rifle Grenades
13. Bergman Submachine Gun
14. Machine Guns
15. Mine Launchers
16. Infantry Guns / Assault Accompanying Guns
17. Flame Throwers
18. Gas Warfare
19. Mining Warfare
20. Anti-Tank Weapons
21. Summary
22. Trench Warfare in Colour

In two volumes and on a total of 200 pages this publication is illustrated with 360 black&white photographs and 100 colour photographs. (Volume 2 : 104 pages)

Complete English Text

Tankograd 1006 Grabenkrieg German Trench Warfare Volume Two

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