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Book Type: S,O

by Daniel Nowak

As early as 1967 the first proposals for a concept of requirements for a new armoured infantry fighting vehicle were collected in the United Kingdom. The late 1970s saw the concept taking shape under the designation MCV-80 (Mechanised Combat Vehicle for the 80s) and in 1985 the vehicle was given its official name "Warrior". Since 1987 the Warrior serves as the backbone of British armoured infantry units. This double volume publication, lavishly illustrated with 250 photos on a total of 128 pages describes the development, technology and army service of the Warrior Infantry Section Vehicle (Special 9035) as well as the variants, the operations and the upgrade programmes of the entire Warrior family of vehicles (Special 9036).

FV510: Warrior Infantry Section Vehicle (ISV)

FV511: Warrior Infantry Command Vehicle (ICV)

FV512: Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle (MCRV)

FV513: Warrior Mechanised Recovery Vehicle (Repair) (MCV(R))

FV514: Warrior Mechanised Artillery Observation Vehicle (MAOV)

FV515: Warrior Battery Command Vehicle (BCV)

Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated throughout with 125 colour photographs

Text - Language: English Text

Number of Pages: 64


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